• “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”



Jagdish R. Dalal

Certified Outsourcing Professional

Founder and Principal, JDalal Associates, LLC
Internationally renowned public speaker
Chief Advisor, Thought Leadership, IAOP
Elected to Outsourcing Leadership Hall of Fame

Jag’s career embodies his principles and what makes him tick. A career, spanning 50 years has seen him take challenges and apply his core skills and abilities to success.  It has also enriched him with experiences and exposures that form the basis for his consulting and public speaking. A look at his career shows that he always remained relevant in changing times and jobs. As a recognized expert in the field of Information Technology and he started his career as an engineer at Ford Motor. He then moved to Finance as Manager of Cost Accounting for Teledyne CAE – an aerospace company before becoming head of Data Processing at young age of 27. 40 years of success in information management field, he joined Price Waterhouse as one of the founding Partners of BPO service line.

Since 2002, after starting his consulting practice, Jag has provided strategic advice to many small and large global and domestic companies. His engagements have spanned providing strategic outsourcing direction to two of the largest Financial Services firms in the U.S. He advised a multibillion dollar Israeli company in establishing a BPO practice as well as setting up offshore development center. He provided advice to a large software companies in establishing a joint venture with an offshore company to provide BPO service to their client. He has been on the Boards of Advisors of several IT and ITES companies that have operations in the U.S., India, China and Costa Rica.

Prior to forming JDalal Associates, LLC, Jag was the Vice President, e-Business and global CIO for Carrier Corporation (United Technologies company) with responsibilities for worldwide IS and e-business functions.

Jag Dalal is a truly original business thinker with the rare ability to distill insights across an almost encyclopedic range of topics from the workings of complex organizations, business-to-business relationships, management information systems, outsourcing, marketing, data analytics, among many others into clear, practical guidance for senior leaders. His style is engaging, thoughtful and always compelling.

CEO (U.S., India and China)
Insurance Back Office Operations

Previously, Jag was a Partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers responsible for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the Technology and Communication industry group.  At PwC, he was responsible for the largest BPO deal recorded then to date- Nortel Networks outsourced its Human Resources and Procurement functions to PwC under a $630M (5 year) agreement.  Jag also led the “thought leadership” and marketing efforts at PwC in building the BPO brand.  He pioneered the positioning of outsourcing as a strategic direction for the company.

Prior to joining Price Waterhouse, he was Vice President of Information Management at Xerox with responsibility for global IM operations as a member of “Office of CIO”. In 1994, Jag created the strategy and led the team responsible for a $3.2B global outsourcing award to EDS, largest and first global outsourcing contract at that time. The strategy and development of this major contract was documented and is now part of a Harvard Business School case study. This case study is still used by major university as a “teaching case study” and Jag has been a guest lecturer for their discussion sessions.

What Makes me Tick
(and always have)

Always reading, thinking and learning

Looking at a counter-clockwise clock and asking “why not”?

Communicating at all levels and use humor to accentuate conversation

Being always active and not letting grass grow under my feet (except when playing golf)

Jag has received numerous awards and recognition for his contributions in the field of Information technology management and outsourcing.  As Chief Advisor, Thought Leadership for IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals), Jag has created the curricula, text book and testing process for becoming a Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) and it is used globally by outsourcing professionals.   He was elected to Leadership Hall of Fame in 2014.

Jag is a voracious reader – and that’s how he stays current, enjoys golf as often as he can and walking. He has and continues to serve on various non-profit organization boards – local and national – and contributes with his business acumen.